So today’s the day–April Fool’s Day, when you can put itching power in your friend’s underwear (John Leguizamo did), or redesign your entire website for the Windows ’95 crowd (Hulu did it).  Here’s our roundup of today’s best and funniest (so far).

  • Here’s a doozy of an April Fool’s Day joke—stroll over to Hulu to stream your favorite TV or movie and you’ll find that things look decidedly different and just a bit old fashioned.  That’s because the entire site has been redesigned to appear as if it’s the mid-1990s all over again.  Seriously, this thing is crazy—it appears as if your browser has been blown back to Windows ’95, complete with ads for early versions of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer, hyper-grainy pics with a slow download time, a front page full of “recent” TV episodes (The X-Files, The Kids in the Hall, The Dana Carvey Show), and, whenever you watch something, a dial-up connection loading screen appears… It’s a pretty fun blast from the past, one that generates equal parts nostalgia for the days when this is what cutting edge technology looked like, as well as shock and horror at the fact that this is what cutting edge technology looked like.
  • Gather has the details on John Leguizamo’s itching power underwear prank along with a Jessica Simpson substance abuse gag (because substance abuse is always funny!).
  • Beatcrave has it that Lady Gaga will guest on living internet meme Rebecca Black’s new album.  Honestly, my only reaction to this was, “thank God this isn’t true.”
  • Gamercrave duped readers with a ditty about Xbox 360’s Mortal Kombat featuring WWE’s Undertaker.  Cute.

What did you do for April Fool’s Day?