Dealing with the relief effort in Japan is no joke, but sometimes it takes levity to get people to help out. Late night comedians Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon have decided to pool their efforts to raise money, and have concocted interesting threats against each other to help raise money. Colbert said Fallon would match the money of his charitable efforts, to which Fallon promised that if $26,000 was raised Colbert would sing Rebecca Black’s internet sensation “Friday” on the Friday late night show. The results are in…

For those who haven’t donated yet but would like to please go to the American Red Cross website and give, even though it won’t lead to anything funny from Colbert or Fallon.

Dealing with relief and motivating people to give money is always hard – especially when people are dealing with their own fiscal woes (it is tax time) – so it’s great of these two comedians to find entertaining ways to get people to donate while humiliating themselves. It’s like a teacher sitting in a dunk tank at a school carnival. Money is given, and watching famous people do stupid things makes this a great two-fer. Likely the two aren’t done in trading humiliations for more money. But regardless, it’s a good cause, and it’s great that they’re doing it.

Have you donated to the American Red Cross yet?