Two new clips for Joe Wright‘s action-packed thriller Hanna have just been sent over from Focus and they’ve got some great moments in them that you have to check out. The film stars one of the most talented young actresses currently working today, Academy Award nominee Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones, Atonement) as Hanna with Eric Bana and Cate Blanchette in supporting roles, and Tom Hollander is one of his creepiest performances to date. In the clips you get to see a lot of the set up that makes the film so great. The action is fun, but it’s the characters that keep us interested and this film has a ton of “colorful” characters. Check them out below…

Cate Blanchette get’s serious in “Safari Club” clip:

Prepare to have this theme stuck in your head after the movie. They do a very clever job of intertwining it into the film in different ways to add a sweet, childlike essence to the evil Germans coming to get Hanna; who you can see in the clip below…

See Saoirse as Hanna in action in this clip entitled “Don’t Follow Me”:

These just make we want to see the film again… or at least put the soundtrack back on. The Chemical Brothers have created an amazing sound for the film that goes great for driving fast through traffic.

You can receive free download of a The Chemical Brothers song (as featured on the soundtrack) if you purchase tickets for the film on Fandango or MovieTickets.

Will you check out the film?