Recently, Joseph Kosisnki’s Oblivion was let go by Walt Disney after it had been picked up last year. Today, there was a press junket for the Blu-ray and DVD release of Tron and Tron: Legacy. We got a chance to talk to Kosinski about what happened to Oblivion and its future, and a possible sequel to Tron: Legacy.

Here’s what Kosinski had to say about Oblivion:

Joseph Kosinski: Oblivion right now, we’ve got a script and we’re trying to find the right home for it at another studio. It’s just outside the box of something that Disney can make right now, which we always knew. But I wanted to give it a shot with them, and we tried hard to make it work, but ultimately it was a square peg, round hole type thing. We couldn’t fit it inside the Disney box, and they didn’t want me to change it to fit inside that box because then it wouldn’t be the movie I wanted to make. So they were gracious enough to let me make it somewhere else.

To be fair, Disney knows how to sell family-friendly pictures, but hasn’t had much luck marketing to teenage boys. Yes, they have adjuncts – Touchstone, and now Marvel (though Marvel is mostly using Disney for distribution) – but with Jerry Bruckheimer not on board, they don’t seem to handle a lot of these sorts of films.

And here’s what he had to say about a new Tron:

JK: We’re currently working on a script for the next chapter. We want to have a script ready, we want to have the right story together, and we’ll see after the TV’s out, and the Blu-ray’s out for a while, if we’ve built a bigger fanbase, at that point, if we can get the team back together to pitch the studio.

This speaks to the film’s reception. Tron: Legacy was not an out of the box success, but there was some sense that the name wasn’t enough to launch the film. Tron came out nearly thirty years ago, and has since been considered a cult favorite. Disney and Kosisnki are waiting to see if the show works before they go forward, because the show will prove if the film worked more or less than the box office suggested. There were rumors that the third movie was already shooting when some of the viral videos were made, but that was mistaken enthusiasm.

This is mostly press-speak – Kosisnki has no home for Oblivion, and it helps to put a positive spin on things.

Do you want a third Tron film?