Ewan McGregor—despite having stared in three of the most horrendous sequel/ prequels of all time (The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith)—is taking a stand against “poor sequels,” stating that there are too many bad or unnecessary follow-ups to great films.

Well, yeah.

DimeWars has it that McGregor has been musing on sequels of late because of rumors that the 1996 Danny Boyle film Trainspotting, in which he indelibly portrayed Renton, a heroin addict, may be getting its own sequel soon.

Trainspotting was based on a novel by Irvine Welsh, who wrote a follow-up that takes place 10 years later, entitled Porno.  And, as, the Trainspotting fanbase (and cast, apparently) clamor for a return to that world, McGregor seems to be the lone holdout from the first film:

“It’s still the main thing people ask me about when they come up to me in the street… It’s not something that I would completely dismiss off-hand until I’ve seen a script… I don’t like being the guy that’s making it not happen, especially when all the other guys want to make it… But I wouldn’t want to do a sequel to Trainspotting if it was just for the sake of it and, if I’m honest about it, I wasn’t that blown away by the book.”

So there you have it, Trainspotting fans—you may have to settle for just one great film and book, rather than one great film and one so-so sequel.

What do you think of McGregor’s comments?