After some public outcry for the recently released still of Adrianne Palicki‘s Wonder Woman otufit, it seems the costumers made some last minute changes to reflect the poor reception of the costume. Not too much, though – it’s still keeping in line with the images we’ve seen before but with some modest tweaking. The show is in now in production and SFX got the first images. Take a look…

The David E. Kelley script on this show is supposed to be terrible, but if audiences want to watch a beautiful woman run around in fetish-wear, then this might have a chance. The show has guilty pleasure written all over it, but if the reception to the pilot is anything like the reception to the pilot’s script, the show will likely go through a number of changes to be be elevated to “guilty pleasure” status if it survives pilot season.

There’s long been a theory that most shows with great pilots tend to not last long. Most TV shows take a little bit of up and running to get their feet. Regardless of the pre-release reactions, this seems like something a large audience will at least give a gander to, if only because it’s network television, and it could be fun in a saucy way.

Most fans would rather have had a movie at this point, which Joss Whedon had been developing but it never came to fruition. It’s sad to think that a female superhero is considered less cinematic, though the problem with Wonder Woman – as she is known in pop culture – is that she’s long been seen more as a sex object than hero. Maybe the show will change that, but from these images I doubt it.

Will you watch Wonder Woman?