In the wake of Red Riding Hood, the plethora of competing Snow White films that have been announced and are competing with one another, the upcoming Oz, The Great and Powerful, the Peter Pan origin film, and Tim Burton’s take on Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent (which takes place from the witch’s point of view), Empire reports that yet another revisionist fairy tale film is set for release—Sleeping Beauty.  And with a playing field this loaded it helps to have an ace in the hole, and Sleeping Beauty has  a pretty good one: True Grit star and Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld.

“The new take on Sleeping Beauty, written by Lindsay Devlin will put the focus squarely on the title character. While she’ll still end up cursed by a witch as in the original, the plot will follow her into a dream world where she’ll have to find her way out. Think Sucker Punch, but hopefully a little less frenetic.”

While Steinfeld’s skills in True Grit give one hope that she can carry a film and role like Sleeping Beauty, in the wake of all these fairy tale revisions, plus the Twilights and Teen Wolves and yada yada yada, would it be possible for maybe teenagers just to star in movies about teenagers that don’t feature a single witch, spell, werewolf, vampire, CGI exploration of their subconscious, wizard, or Emerald City?  Is that too much to ask?  It is?  OK, nevermind.

What do you think of the Sleeping Beauty news?