Hey, teens of America with your Twitters and your baggy jeans and your Four Lokos and your dead-eyed Kristen Stewarts—ready for the next bandwagon-hopping exploitation of the fact that you’ll apparently watch anything in which other teenagers deal with werewolves or vampires or whatever as a clunky metaphor for all the melodramatic crap you agonize over having to deal with on a daily basis?

‘Cause MTV decided to remake everyone’s favorite Michael J. Fox film (after Back to the Future I, Back to the Future II, Back to the Future III, The Secret of My Success, Doc Hollywood, The American President, and Stuart Little, anyway), Teen Wolf.

Yes, I’m serious.  According to Coming Soon, this is happening.

So MTV has dropped a three-minute trailer for Teen Wolf, which is surprising, seeing as how this show is likely aimed at those with an attention span of, say, 30-45 seconds (unless debating the pros and cons of Team Edward is involved, natch), and it features an attractive teenage boy—of course—who gets attacked by a werewolf—of course—and develops all sort of preternatural powers and abilities that at first frighten him, then excite him—of course—but then he meets a very attractive teenage girl—of course—who brings out both the best of him as well as his shocking dark animal side—of course—which causes the inevitable romantic teen overdramatic tension—of course—while the young boy must also contend with the evil villain that made him this way and the mean old world that just totally doesn’t understand him, you guys—of course.

Anyway, watch:

What do you think of the trailer?