Oh man, oh man, oh man, this could be good, assuming you’re a Francis Ford Coppola fan (and you really, really should be).  The director of The Godfather saga and Apocalypse Now recently sat down for an interview with Empire, and let slip some details about his next film, Twixt Now and Sunrise.

Coppola describes the film as “part personal film, part Gothic romance, part Halloween show. If I can present it the way I want to, it is something that’s never been done before.”

And that line about “something that’s never been done before,” that has garnered a lot of attention, as rumors abound that a segment of the film may be in 3D.

Twixt Now and Sunrise was apparently “inspired by a dream he had in Istanbul that was interrupted by a morning call to prayer, leaving him struggling to get back to sleep to find its end.”

Further, Coppola stated that his only guiding aesthetic to the film was as follows:

“The only rule is that it is beautiful and that people are affected and moved by it… My daughter has taught me how to look for what I want to express with less – with less talk and more with what I feel. I feel a lot of things, but in order to try and express them, sometimes I think I go too far.”

While Coppola’s directed  a few clunkers in his day, the fact that the director of The Godfather is apparently planning a surrealistic extravaganza based on dreams from Istanbul… well, sign me up.

What do you think of the new Coppola film?