Perhaps it’s just a side-effect of being married to a hyperactive 12-year old, but Demi Moore has a busy slate ahead of her—she’s set to direct a “short breast cancer awareness movie” entitled Project Five, as well as star with—sweet, sweet Jesus—Miley Cyrus in LOL, a comedy “about high school romance and friendship in the world of social networking,” according to Contact Music.

Moore is teaming up with Alicia Keys and Jennifer Aniston who are all directing short films “exploring the impact of breast cancer on people’s lives” for Project Five, which “will be an anthology of short films, each one directed by a different celebrity.”  Patty Jenkins is also helming a film, and an as-yet unnamed director will take the fifth and final short film.

Jennifer Aniston is set to produce, and Project Five will air on the Lifetime Network.  Moore worked on a similar short film anthology project, If These Walls Could Talk, which aired on HBO in 1996, and centered on the subject of abortion.

Perhaps Project Five is some kind of karmic pay-off or balance for starring in LOL with Miley Cyrus, in an effort to pay off for her horrible, horrible deeds—namely, starring in a film called LOL with Miley Cyrus.

What do you think of the Moore news?