When you’re on one of the most respected shows on Television, the motion pictures come calling, and Bryan Cranston has been able to turn his work on “Breaking Bad” into a great audition reel. He’s currently in negotiations to play the bad guy in Len Wiseman’s Total Recall remake against Colin Farrell, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Currently there is no start date, but if this comes to pass, it would likely be shortly after Cranston wraps on the fourth season of “Breaking Bad,” which is currently shooting.

Cranston’s been keeping himself busy, with appearances in the currently showing The Lincoln Lawyer, and the upcoming movies Larry Crowne, John Carter of Mars and Red Tails. Cranston has long been a successful working actor, and with his run on “Malcolm in the Middle,” he’s surely comfortable, but his work as Walter White on “Breaking Bad” has opened a new door for the performer. One that has led to these sorts of more villainous roles – though he’s more than capable of creating malice.

It’s taken this project a while to come together, but if they’re starting with secondary casting, then it will likely start shooting soon. Though the first film was based on a Phillip K. Dick short story, this appears to be drawn more from the movie than Dick. The Hollywood Reporter offers a glimpse at the new plot, which sounds a lot like the old plot – though this story doesn’t seem to get its ass to Mars. Cranston’s character is named Cohaagen, which is very much in keeping with the earlier film.

Do you think Bryan Cranston will crush it as Cohaagen?