‘Tis the season for renewals, and with many shows it’s hard to be sure they’ll survive. Sure, the top ten hits are all but assured – they’re even trying to figure what to do with “Two and a Half Men” and if it can go on with or without Charlie Sheen. Good news for Elmore Leonard and Timothy Olyphant fans – “Justified” has been picked up for its third season. Which means Olyphant will be back in the hat. As for other supporting performers, it’s unknown.

Having been on set, co-star Joelle Carter suggested that her character, Ava Crowder, would have interesting stuff to do in the second season even if her character was no longer sleeping with Timothy Olyphant’s Raylan Givens. She also hinted that she had been told some things she might be up to in season three.

Which gives some hope that Walton Goggins character will also be returning. Goggins character arc in Season one of “Justified” is one of the greatest balancing acts in television history, and it’s well worth watching the show for his work. But he’s proved himself adept at television after his run as Detective Shane Vendrell on “The Shield.”

But as for the returning cast for the Graham Yost-produced show, the only guarantee is that Timothy Olyphant will be back. Though with him it seems likely that Nick Searcy’s Chief Deputy Art Mullen will also return. After that, it’s hard to say without having seen all of Season Two – which has had Margo Martindale and Jeremy Davies playing mother and son drug dealers/kingpins who may or may not meet some form of justice by the end of the season.

As one of the best written and acted shows on television, this is very good news.The show began as a spin on one of Elmore Leonard’s short stories, but Leonard liked the show so much, he’s taken to writing a new episode for the character himself. It is unknown if that will be the basis of a future season.

Are you excited for the return of Raylan Givens?