After massively bombing at the Oscars this year, James Franco is returning to that prolonged performance art project that is ‘James Franco’ by following in the footsteps of Winter’s Bone director Debra Granik and Zoolander co-screenwriter John Hamburg—he’s teaching a third-year graduate class on directing at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The course deals with adapting poetry into short films, and only accepts a maximum of 12 students.  Franco is set to receive his MFA in film production from the school this May.  And. As John Tintori—chair of the graduate program at Tisch, puts it:

“He’s here to teach because he really knows something about directing that he can share with our students…He’s incredibly prolific, and that comes from a real work ethic – and that’s another thing to impart to our students.”

In addition to this course, you may remember that Franco recently hooked up with Columbia College Hollywood to offer the “Master Class: Editing James Franco…With James Franco,” in which 12 students “create a half-hour documentary using footage from his film career.”

Whether or not this is all some large-scale, I’m Still Here-styled oddball performance, or if Franco really is just digging the massive multi-tasking (or maybe it’s some kind of atonement for Spider-Man 3), you’ve got to admit, the guy’s got drive.

What do you think of Franco’s decision to teach the Tisch course?