Because if a story features a vampire, werewolf, or some other classic/ gothic monster these days, it’s gonna get green-lit, the graphic novel I, Frankenstein is being set for production and release from Lakeshore EntertainmentStuart Beattie (who wrote and directed last year’s Australian hit,  Tomorrow, When the War Began, and also wrote such fare as GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Punisher: War Zone, and 30 Days of Night), has signed on to write and direct.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, I, Frankenstein “pictures a modern-day world where the classic literary monster stands between humans and a host of other supernatural creatures looking to rise up and take over.”  It was created by Kevin Grevioux, who also co-created the—wait for it, you’ll never see this coming—vampires and werewolves series, Underworld.  Grevioux, who also wrote the first screenplay for I, Frankenstein, will also executive produce the adaptation.

And while a certain amount of trepidation is wholly necessary when concerning the massive scramble for gothic horror creatures and characters dropped into modern films—the Twilight series and Red Riding Hood have seen to that—the idea of a badass Frankenstein protecting humankind from the supernatural does sound pretty cool.  Cautiously optimistic on this one.

What do you think of a film adaptation of I, Frankenstein?