Over the last twenty or so years, whoever the leading man (and sometimes the woman) is in a Woody Allen movie, at some point or another – and sometimes for the whole movie – they tend to do an impression of their director. John Cusack did it best, while Kenneth Brannagh went WASP-y, but because of Allen’s rhythms as a writer, it’s likely all his protagonists will eventually sound a little like Woody. Owen Wilson brings a good spin to it, as his natural digressions make for an interesting playmate to Allen’s stammers. It turns out to be a great fit in the trailer for Midnight in Paris, which opens in New York and Los Angeles May 20, and will expand shortly thereafter. Take a look

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Woody Allen has hot and cold periods, and he’s been in a mostly cool period for a while. His last pretty great movie was 2008′s Vicky Christina Barcelona, but previous to that, it was 2005′s Match Point, and then maybe 1999′s Sweet and Lowdown. In between are a decade of misfires and painful, less successful variations on films he’s made before. Which can also be said about his better films of the period (Match Point plays like a variation on Crimes and Misdemeanors). It’s been ten years of mostly misses, and bad misses at that.

Like always, Allen has assembled a killer team of actors. Joining Owen Wilson are Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard, Adrien Brody, Michael Sheen, Alison Pill, Kathy Bates, Kurt Fuller and Carla Bruni. This looks to be a fantasy film (or – to be more specific – a magical realism film), which Allen has attempted before with Alice, his New York Stories segment, and in Purple Rose of Cario. That tends to mean he’s indulging his Fellini fandom more than his Ingmar Bergman side.

Are you up for Woody Allen’s latest?