It appears the drought is over, and it will be raining Captain America: The First Avenger stills and trailers until the film opens on July 22 later this year. The Joe Johnston film just went in for some quick re-shoots, but word is that the Chris Evans-starring picture has the goods. We’ll see in a couple months, but until then this still gallery might help tide one over.

Here were get to see Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter talk to the troops and fight on in the face of a nearby fireball, and we get to see Chris Evans’ Steve Rodgers as they rehearse the scene before his transformation. And – of course – a money shot of Evans in the full Captain America garb talking or facing off with what appear to be super-soldiers, the ones who in the trailer trap him in a box of fire.

The costume looks good, all things. The only down side to the latest gallery is that supporting players like Tommy Lee Jones, Stanley Tucci, Hugo Weaving and Neal McDonough are not featured. But where the film was once the least visible superhero title of the summer, it’s now hitting its stride – where it feels like The Green Lantern needs to start kicking their advertising into gear.

With Wonder-con this weekend, we should be seeing more of all the big summer comic book films soon.

Are you ready for Captain America?