Candyland is a pretty boring game unless you’re really young. You pick cards, and go back and forth on the board until someone gets to the end first. It takes no skill. There is no such thing  as a great Candyland player.  Also, it’s all about candied treats. Granted, children don’t want to play a game entitled “Eat Your Vegetables Land” but – yeah – it’s also pretty unhealthy. Following in the footsteps of Battleship, Universal has now hired writers for their Candyland adaptation. They are Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, best known for writing the Kung Fu Panda franchise. Enchanted‘s Kevin Lima is set to direct.

The plot has the main characters in Candy Land looking for its lost king. There are some characters and locations from the board game that are expected to show up in the film’s narrative. For Candyland purists.

The good news about board game adaptations is that the authors can basically do what they want within the framework of the location. There’s no narrative to betray in adapting these games. The bad news is that it’s a weird sort of branding that’s being chased here, which may yet backfire. Yes, people have played Candyland and Battleship. But – until they see some footage – it’s going to sound like a stupid idea.

The biggest problem this will face is not coming across like either version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Writers Aibel and Berger did good work with the first Kung Fu Panda movie. They seem to get it, so that offers some hope.

Do you want to see the Gum Drop Mountain visualized?