Well, it appears that the mash-up of pop-cultural elements so horrible and cringe-worthy that their unification could potentially result in The End Of All Things isn’t going to happen after all– according to Deadline, Glee creator Ryan Murphy will not be directing Willow Smith in a Will Smith-produced remake of Annie (comments wall, I await your onslaught–just make it quick).

It looks like Murphy has just been too busy lately trying to bully and berate every hesitant rock band in world to join his unholy union of a capella pop song covers or else he’ll make sure that everyone in world knows how evil and mean and jerky they are for not wanting to sell their music to his TV show, because that’s the only way anyone will ever hear their music, you guys, so really Murphy’s doing them a favor by publicly demanding their music and then shaming the bands for not giving him the songs.

So what does this mean for the Smithified version of Annie?  Well, it means we’re safe for a little while longer, but stay vigilant: they’ve already struck us with a wholly unnecessary remake of the Karate Kid—a wholly unnecessary remake of Annie (replete with a “Whip My Hair” singalong!) cannot be far behind.  Stay strong, friends.

What do you think of the Annie news?