Or: Gym, tanning, Rambo. Sylvester Stallone has developed a menswear, perfume and accessories company named Sly, Inc. and has told Men’s Health Week that the clothes will be inspired by his two most popular characters, John Rambo and Rocky Balboa. The products will be available sometime next year. Stallone was moved to fashion design after losing weight for the last Rambo film.

Though on its head this seems absurd, that’s mostly because of how the culture views Stallone. No one really laughs at Jay-Z and his Roca-Wear brand, even both seem unqualified to be fashion designers. Having no idea what these clothes look like, there may be some assumption that Rocky and Rambo-inspired clothing would be similar to the “three wolf moon” shirt, it’s hard to say or know if it will be any better or worse than anything Ed Hardy does.

And the Ed Hardy market seems to be the audience for this line: reasonably affordable men’s clothing that has the Stallone branding. As long as these clothes aren’t sold exclusively at K-Mart or Target and as long as they look good, they’re more than likely to find an audience – ironically or unironically.

Perhaps this explains why he isn’t going to direct The Expendables 2. One hopes that the influences of his famous characters leads to a pretty boss Rocky III shirt.

Would you wear a Stallone?