According to Movieweb, MGM is going to go back to the well and are planning to Child’s Play. Which means they’re not stopping with RoboCop in their rush to remake their most popular titles – likely in an attempt to revitalize their currently defunct studio. There is a script written by original writer Don Mancini, and it appears that Brad Dourif will be reprising his voice role as the killer doll Chucky.

When Child’s Play came out in 1988, it was modeled on the success of such toys as Teddy Ruxpin (a talking bear that would move its mouth in sync with whatever cassette tape you stuck in its back) and The Cabbage Patch Kids (which were famous for selling out). Though toys have become fancier in the intervening years, there isn’t a similar sort of phenomenon toy unless Tickle Me Elmo counts – though that was super hot years ago. What this is about is a known quantity that’s easily sold.

The original film had four sequels, with the best being Bride of Chucky. It was part parody and the series descended into straight comedy for its last entry. Don Mancini has written all the Chucky films to date, and Dourif has always voiced the character so this doesn’t have the fresh angle of some previous horror reboots. But it will supposedly have a less comedic tone – even if it is the same character.

John Landis once noted that all horror franchises eventually fall into self-parody because the figure of horror becomes so well known that he’s no longer scary.When there are children’s Halloween costumes of a character, it no longer has the ability to startle because it’s become a part of the culture. The first film worked because it was played straight, but also because the doll was tangible. Creepy dolls are a great starting point for horror, hopefully this one won’t be overwhelmed by CGI.

Did you ever find Chucky frightening?