Hey, remember back in the day (translation, 1997), when Nicolas Cage and John Travolta starred in a little flick called Face/ Off, in which they play sworn enemies who switch each others’ faces and take over each others’ lives?  And remember how both actors had so much charm and chops that they totally pulled it off and saved the film and its ridiculous premise?

You do?  Too bad.  Prepare to be disappointed, because the duo is set to go at it again, and maybe again after that, and the charm/ chops level have gone the way of both actors’ hairlines.

The AV Club reports that Cage, who has apparently decided to star in every single bad movie offered to him, no matter how ridiculous his character’s hairpiece may be, and Travolta are considering co-starring in Shrapnel:

“The story concerns a former Bosnian soldier who gets his revenge on the American who wounded him by inviting him along on a friendly hunting trip, where it’s soon revealed he’s hunting the deadliest prey of all: Elk. Or, no—man. Man, we mean.”

While that seems almost tame by both actors’ recent standards, dig the scoop on the other movie they might be making together, Sea Trial:

“The thriller involves a pair of couples embarking on a romantic yachting trip, which quickly turns into a “cruise through hell” (according to the book’s cover) when one couple turns out to be not who they seem. So basically, Cage and Travolta are looking to try and kill each other some more.”

But hey, we really can’t complain—as long as we keep paying for movies like Drive Angry and that awful remake of The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3, Hollywood is going to keep shoving these guys our way.

What do you think about Travolta and Cage teaming up again?