With Sucker Punch due out tomorrow, it’s no surprise that casting rumors and plot details are making heavy rounds for Zack Snyder‘s Superman: Man of Steel. As the film comes together two of the biggest questions are: what famous villain will be taking on Superman, and who will play him? Earlier today we heard word that Edgar Ramirez was in the running, and now it looks like Michael Shannon is as well. At least, so says Deadline Hollywood.

The first time many saw Michael Shannon was as the nervous soon-to-be newlywed in the romantic comedy Groundhog’s Day. He’s been kicking around since then, working bit parts and minor supporting roles like in 8 Mile and Pearl Harbor. A lead role in William Friedkin’s Bug seemed the breakthrough, which led to such showier parts, like in Revolutionary Road where he earned an Oscar nomination. He’s also been one of the main characters of “Boardwalk Empire.”

Shannon’s good. What this amounts to in terms of casting is that he’s someone who can play villainous but multi-dimensional – insane, but also clever. He’s a classic “that guy” whose already attracted a critical following as someone who could be the next Christopher Walken. Just looking at him, he seems the perfect casting for Bizzaro (the anti-Superman character), though perhaps he’d be playing Zod or Brainiac – we keep hearing it’s not Lex Luthor, but Shannon would also look fine bald.

So far Snyder’s version seems well cast, and they’ve been going after interesting actors. We’ll see how this moves forward shortly.

Who do you think should be Superman’s nemesis?