After the modest success of No Strings Attached, it appears Ivan Reitman is lurching back into the mainstream, according to The Hollywood Reporter. His company Montecito Pictures have purchased the rights to Alan Paul’s memoir “Big in China: My Unlikely Adventure Raising a Family, Playing the Blues and Reinventing Myself in Beijing.” Word is that Reitman may yet again step behind the director’s chair to film it.

As a director, Reitman is best remembered for his work with Bill Murray, specifically Ghostbusters and (less so) Stripes. He spent much of the 80′s and 90′s directing successful comedies, but by 2001 he was rehashing Ghostbusters with the very familiar Evolution. And between that and the misfire of Six Days Seven Nights, Reitman’s stock fell.

By the time he made My Super Ex-Girlfriend, he seemed an old dog.There was a thought that he passed the baton to his son Jason Reitman, who’s directed two best picture nominees. But No Strings was profitable, and Reitman has always been a great producer, even if he’s a modest director. Artistically, Reitman can nail it – 1993′s Dave is one of his best films – but he’s never shown himself to be much more than a steady hand behind the camera.

The memoir recounts the story of a man whose wife gets a big promotion, which sends them and their three kids to China. He was planning on being a stay-at-home dad, but a chance meeting leads to him joining a blues quintet that becomes hugely successful (hence the title). That’s a fascinating story, but one that could go very formulaic. Currently the project is going out to writers.

Are you a fan of Ivan Reitman?