All-around cinema badass Ed Harris has had a wide and varied acting career, and now he’s got another surprising acting role to notch into his belt—John McCain.

As we reported earlier this month, HBO is developing a film, Game Change, about the 2008 U.S. presidential election, and has already nabbed Julianne Moore in the startling role of Sarah Palin—ugh, why, HBO, why must you contribute to making Palin look eerily attractive by casting Moore in the role, why?—along with Jay Roach to direct and Danny Strong’s screenplay (the two also worked together on Recount, HBO’s docudrama about the 2000 presidential election).  And now, they’ve found their John McCain—Ed Harris, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Still no word on who will portray President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, but if I may make a suggestion: if casting agents are looking for someone to play Biden who constantly sticks his foot in his mouth, says the wrong thing at the wrong time, accidentally curses during special occasions, and generally seems to say whatever the hell happens to be rattling around in his head, no matter how inappropriate, well, I’m just saying I think I’d be a natural for the part.  No pressure or anything, though.

What do you think of Ed Harris as John McCain?