Comedy Central is currently finalizing the details, but it looks like “Futurama – which began its life on Fox – is getting picked up for its Seventh season, or second or third season of its reborn state. Comedy Central’s release pattern follows that of “South Park” in that their seasons are broken up into two halves of thirteen episodes, with each getting a seasonal launch. The Matt Groening-created show went through a very interesting birth and re-birth, so it’s impressive to see it flourish after having been off-screen for five years.

In one of the strangest tales of TV history, “Futurama” began as a follow-up to “The Simpsons.” That show has long been Fox’s anchor, is now in its twenty-second season and shows no signs of stopping. The Sci-fi-based “Futurama” – with its numerous references to pop culture’s bigger science fiction franchises – never caught the heat of “The Simpsons,” and after four seasons was canceled in 2003.

What turned everything around for the show was that DVD sales were strong, and the fanbase was rabid. In 2008 Comedy Central agreed to produce four TV movies that consisted of four episodes run back to back to back to back, which then aired as movies and were also quickly released to DVD and Blu-ray. These movies are now considered the show’s fifth season.

This did well enough for Comedy Central to go with a real season – considered its sixth – which is currently airing. And it’s been successful enough to lead to the show’s current renewal. To that end, all those talks about getting the cast back together for something like “Firefly” aren’t without merit if something like this can happen.

Are you happy to hear that Bender is coming back?