There’s been a lot of speculation over the years who might finally end up in Bobby and Peter Farrelly‘s Three Stooges film. Will Sasso, best known for his work on “MADtv” and “$#*! My Dad Says” is being touted by The Hollywood Reporter as the front runner for the role of Moe. This says a number of things about the project, which has been something the Farrellys have been talking about for over a decade and counting – though it looks as if it’s actually going to happen.

The Farrellys have mentioned a number of big names over the years: Jim Carrey, Sean Penn, Benicio del Toro and Johnny Depp have all at one time or another been associated with this project in varying degrees of involvement. But if they go with Sasso, what that likely means is that the duo will cast lesser-known actors around him. Perhaps the reason why the project has taken so long to come about is the scheduling conflicts that come with trying to get three A-listers to star in one movie.

With films like this you generally go one way or the other – either all names or people who make their career on the film. The latter can be called the Star Trek approach. It’s also becomes a slightly bigger and slightly smaller gamble on the studios part. If it works: Franchise, and a franchise that has the cast signed for deals before they were made by the movie. If it doesn’t, then you’ve spent way less on overheard to get the film made, and the selling point is going to be familiarity with the brand, and the slapstick in the trailer and TV spots. The trade-off is that you don’t have someone out front with the project, which means it may not be as easily marketed to foreign territories.

Though they haven’t had to prove it for a while, the Farrelly brothers have a good eye for talent, as they believed that Jim Carrey would be a star and Jeff Daniels could do slapstick comedy when they made Dumb and Dumber. It’s weird to think of this as a passion project, but anything that’s been on the burner for this long has to be something that the duo care about.

Do you think we’ll get a Three Stooges movie in the next two years?