Despite essentially destroying the physical video store market, garnering soaring stock prices, and making it possible for us all to zone out for hours on Bret Michael’s Rock of Love show (um, not me, I swear to God, not me…), the movie streaming behemoth Netflix Instant went down for several hours last night.

For hours on Tuesday night, Netflix Instant subscribers were unable to hit up their queues on the Netflix website or on streaming devices, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Hundreds of thousands were forced to then face loved ones and hold actual conversations about things (shudder), while waiting for the site to repair itself.

Netflix dropped a quick blurb on Twitter, “We are aware that the website may not work for everyone at this time. We’re working to get it fixed as quickly as we can,” before disappearing again to make me wait four hours before discovering whether or not Bret went for the Vegas stripper skank or the L.A. Sunset Strip skank (my money was on Vegas).

The little Blockbuster-killer that could came back a few hours later with “UPDATE: Streaming is back on the website. We’re still working on getting streaming back to all devices. Thanks for your patience!” and finally, “RESOLVED: The website and devices are back up and running. Thanks again for your patience while we worked to get this fixed!,” and the world began orbiting the sun once again and all was right in the universe.  Amen.

How did the Netflix outage affect you?