Because Fox News is just too fair, balanced and rational for him, Glenn Beck is reportedly chewing on the idea of a “partial or wholesale takeover of a cable channel,” according to The Hollywood Reporter, when not busy fashioning crude tin foil hats to keep the Muslim mind control death waves from accessing his thoughts.

But don’t worry, gang, Beck’s channel wouldn’t compete with his Fair and Balanced brethren, who seem to be ready to ditch him, anyway:

“Beck has reportedly been mulling the idea of his own cable network for more than a year but isn’t eyeing it as a direct competitor to Fox News Channel.

“The news, which the Times attributes to anonymous sources, comes on the heels of a previous report that Fox News executives are mulling the idea not renewing Beck’s contract when it expires in December because of the host’s declining viewership.”

There is also speculation that Beck is considering an online pay service in order for viewers to hear his balanced take on the news, like suggesting that the president hates white people.  You know, stuff like that.

However, Beck actually actually had something rational to say about the whole situation:

Roger Ailes has built the most important voice in America today — Fox News — and it is an honor to do my show there every night. I have no intention whatsoever of doing the show I am doing now on Fox anywhere else.”

What would you think of a Glenn Beck channel?