And it’s good! Paramount and Marvel studio’s Captain America: The First Avenger is one the big titles of the summer, and the Joe Johnston-directed, Chris Evans-starring film opens July 22, will be the last of summer’s four big superhero films. The trailer is mostly the set-up: Skinny Steve Rogers becomes a superhero through the tutelage of Tommy Lee Jones’s Col. Chester Phillips, and the super-serum of Stanley Tucci’s Abraham Erskine to help fight the Nazis. Check it out…

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“Because a weak man knows the value of strength, knows the value of power” seems to be Captain America‘s “with great power comes great responsibility” and it’s a great hook for this film. It puts the film in the context (like Spider-Man did) of the nerd with dreams of doing great things. Then that nerd turns into Chris Evans in the best shape of his life.

In this trailer are longer glimpses of Hayley Atwell’s possible love interest character Peggy Carter, but not much more of Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull, and the trailer sets up the greater narrative of a grand Nazi conspiracy. It’s a lot of what looks to be the first act, but that act looks solid.

The film has always been sold as in the mold of Indiana Jones, with a shield a substitute for Indy’s whip. That seems like the best approach to the material – it’s a big adventure yarn with World War II as the backdrop. Hopefully the film delivers on its promise.

Are you stoked for Captain America: The First Avenger?