Oscar nominated and well-known documentary director (the one that people don’t hate) Morgan Spurlock (watch interview) is back with another fun, edgy, and controversial documentary and this time he’s pointing his finger at advertising with The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (read review). But the trick with this film is that he doesn’t villify his subject or dissect it, much like he did in Supersize Me, he becomes a part of it by making a movie with, by and about advertising. The Greatest Movie Ever Sold premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was bought by Sony Pictures Classics. If you’ve seen Spurlock wondering around in his POM suit, that’s becauce he has to! See how he got himself into the advertising game below…

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In some ways, this film is slightly less controversial than some of his past films he’s made in the past because at the end of the film he’s still out promoting his sponsors and as stated in the press release for this film, this is not actually The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, this is POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. But, as a documentary filmmaker, he’s walking a very fine line, one that I’m sure we’ll never know all of the details of and is able to show us the controversy by becoming a part of it, not just wagging his finger at it.

It’s an interesting mix because he has become what he at times in the film questions — but how else does one discuss the issues? You have to sell out to know the game, otherwise you’re not in it. It’s an interesting perspecitve and one you’ll undaoubtably leave the theater thinking about, and I guess that’s the point!

The film hits theaters April 22nd!

Will you go and see it?