Kiefer, buddy, look—we all dug Jack Bauer, and sure, it was fun to watch you tickle the line between saving the free world and literally blowing your nose with the constitution and then using it as a wad to hold your gum when you’re done, but come on—it just doesn’t look like the 24 movie is gonna happen, ok?  And I say this knowing full well you’d pistol-whip me if you were here, and then run away while shouting into your cell phone, but no amount of telling the gals on The View that 24: The Movie is still happening will make this work.

According to The AV Club, the Kiefs went on The View yesterday, “to once more up the stakes on his earlier claims that the film would begin shooting in ‘December or January,’ saying this morning that he fully expected it to be released in theaters by 2012,” despite the fact that “its script was rejected by Fox, there doesn’t seem to be another one in the works, and there are no directors officially attached.”

But ok, Kiefer, you win—just know that if the head of Fox turns up missing tomorrow and we find him in the trunk of your car all bruised and roughed up and is suddenly all gung-ho for  a 24 movie… well, we’ll probably just go see the 24 movie.  Hell, it looks like the same kind of plan could work for Charlie Sheen, so why not?

What do you think of Sutherland’s 24 movie assertions?