Because HBO and James Gandolfini have teamed up before to help forge the single finest television show, well, ever, the network has wisely seen fit to keep that creative relationship going in the form of Eating With the Enemy: How I Waged Peace With North Korea From My BBQ Shack in Hackensack.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO has optioned Robert Egan and Kurt Pitzers aforementioned book, with Gandolfini attached to star in and executive produce (via his Attaboy Productions and Tribeca Productions).  The former Sopranos star will “portray a Hackensack restaurant owner who forged a relationship with the North Korean Mission in Upper Manhattan who went on to play an important role as a liaison in U.S. and North Korean relations.”

Kooky, but it also sounds appealing—and if Gandolfini can pull of making a sociopathic/ serial philanderer/ cold-blooded murder/ viciously self-involved mob boss not only charming but lovable, I’m sure he can pull off a diplomatic restaurateur.   At this point, I’d watch the guy read the phone book—which I’ll be doing from 7pm to 9 pm today outside his living room window (I’m not a stalker, I’m not a stalker, I’m not a stalker, I just like The Sopranos, ok?  And let’s just keep this whole conversation between us, by the way).

What do you think of Gandolfini reteaming with HBO?