With “The Office” losing Steve Carell this season, it’s unknown how the show will try to replace him. The Hollywood Reporter is noting that both Ricky Gervais (from the BBC “The Office”) and Will Arnett (from “Arrested Development” and the recently canceled “Running Wilde“) will appear in the last episode of the show’s seventh season finale. This casting makes it hard not to wonder if either is being groomed to replace Carell as the show has been renewed for an eighth season.

There were many names put on the short list of actors to replace Carell, and Gervais was among them (and supposedly so was/is Harvey Keitel). Gervais showed up for a cameo earlier this season, but it was mostly a joke for fans of the original show, and a throwaway gag.It would be interesting to see him go into the mix, and after the mixed reception his films roles have gotten, it wouldn’t be that surprising to see him try to booster his American credibility as an actor/star stateside.

But the casting of Will Arnett tingles our Spidey-senses. For one, he’s happy in television, having made his name there. His film work is mostly in supporting turns, and he’s usually left playing jerks and cads, where this would offer some meat. For another, his wife Amy Poehler is currently starring in “Parks and Rec,” and though – obviously – he wouldn’t be working with her, both shows shoot in Los Angeles, and would be on similar work schedules.

As we haven’t heard if Keitel or others are coming aboard – and it would make sense to set up the next season in the finale – I would put money one (or both) will be returning next season in a starring or co-starring capacity. That said, the last couple episodes are scheduled to have some heavy-hitting supporting turns, including Will Ferrell, and this could just be more place-holding.

Who would you like to see as the new boss of The Office?