So, there’s a new Pirates of the Caribbean film due May 20, and that’s now less than two months away. For the fourth film (subtitled On Stranger Tides), they’ve ditched Orlando Bloom (nicknamed by Paul Schnieder “Orblando Gloom”), Keira Knightley, and trilogy director Gore Verbinski, and added director Rob Marshall, and stars Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane to the Johnny Depp show. The new trailer follows…

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Well, it’s got the Hans Zimmer music and Depp making double entendres, so it looks and sounds a lot like the first three. And there’s no denying the addition of the mighty Ian McShane as Blackbeard is inspired, while having series stalwart Geoffrey Rush back gives this film some interest.Perhaps new blood, and a romantic interest for Depp will be enough of a change of pace to make this better than the last two Pirates films.

That said, the series never needed to be a franchise. The first three films were all bloated, and though the first film was fun, the gimmick of Depp’s drunken, rock star pirate has grown tiring. If this looked to be a stripped down adventure story with a more straight-ahead narrative, it might be fun to go back to this well, but the film comes across more as a cynical act of running something people like into the ground. If the first two Pirates sequels didn’t have the same kick of the original they at least had scale, and this film looks to be the budget version of this franchise. But even with a weak domestic total (and for this franchise that’s still doing $200 million), the film will surely make money through international – this is as safe a sequel as they come. The question is if it makes enough for a fifth. If so, let’s hope this one is at least entertaining.

Are you excited for the fourth Pirates film? If so, why?