Being the face of Harry Potter for the last ten years has turned Daniel Radcliffe into an international icon and a household name. The twenty-one-year old actor grew up in front of the cameras, and with the franchise almost over he’s made it clear that he wants to pursue a career in acting, so he’ll likely stay in the spotlight. He’s also used that celebrity for good, as he’s won the Trevor Award for helping prevent suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth.

Radcliffe won the award for appearing in a number of Public Service Announcements that were aimed at helping in-distress teens deal with their sucicidal feelings, and has worked closely with the Trevor Project for a couple of years. The group was founded by filmmakers who won an academy award for their short film on the subject of a young teen who nearly kills himself after he comes out to his friends.

Working with The Trevor Project to begin with was a bold move on Radcliffe’s part, especially when most actors have to face the scrutiny of their love lives and sexuality being a part of the public discourse. Perhaps – with a majority of Americans recently shown to support same-sex unions – Radcliffe is just the first of many 21st century performers who support this cause without fear of it hurting their careers. Radcliffe will receive the award in June.

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