The idea of sexy package deliverymen (or sexy pizza deliverymen, or sexy plumbers, or… well, you get the drill) isn’t particularly new, but these steamy encounters don’t usually end in gruesome death for anyone.  But since this is “CSI: Miami,” that’s exactly where we’re going, and as a bonus you’re getting two murders for the price of one.  Read on to find out the details!

The Players:

  • Director: Allison Liddi
  • Written By: Michael McGrale
  • Cast: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Eva LaRue, Jonathan Togo, Rex Linn, Omar Benson Miller

Episode Title: “Special Delivery”

When a deliveryman – who also happens to be a ladies’ man – is found dead and bloody in his own van, the CSI techs have to figure out who murdered him.  While they’re putting together that puzzle, another body is found in a high school bleacher that may relate to their case.  The team quickly finds out that the connection between the two corpses is a massive drug smuggling operation, which means that they have to find a kingpin and a murderer… unless of course they’re the same person.

The Good:

  • Don’t Hate the Playa: The opening scene, where the (soon-to-be-dead) deliveryman walks around making sure his packages get to their destinations – and getting some action in on the side to boot – is a fun, entertaining way to start the episode, and it makes his inevitable abrupt murder all the more shocking.  Props go to the music (“Howlin For You” by The Black Keys, if you’re wondering) for setting the scene.
  • Real Science: There is a technology interlude in this episode, and it revolves around a computer, and it isn’t incredibly ridiculous?  Well, that’s certainly refreshing.  The scene in question involves a keylogger and hard drive cloning, two things that are both possible and useful in hacking into a computer; while the time taken to use both is a little on the short side, and there’s a silly blinking timer for dramatic purposes, overall it’s a nice change of pace from CSI’s normal godlike computers.
  • Shades of Gray: The following contains spoilers!  You’ve been warned. In the end, the killer turns out to be a kid who was just trying to stop the drug traffic in his neighborhood, and (unlike the “mean girls” episode a few weeks back) this time around they actually pause to assess the morality of the situation.  And truth be told, the guy did have some good points; as a result of his direct actions, they managed to catch a major drug smuggler and bust up his ring, undoubtedly saving plenty of lives.  The fact that Horatio still books him after considering this is an important insight into his character and ethics, something we rarely see on the show.

The Bad:

  • We’re Being Punished: There’s been a disturbing trend over the past crop of CSI: Miami episodes: The removal of the traditional setup-pun-YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH! pre-into moment that made the show so popular on the Internet.  We’re bringing it up here because with the murder of a deliveryman there’s so many possible puns there’s no way they could have had a problem coming up with one; off the top our our heads, we got “Looks like someone marked him… return to sender”, “Guess he was… sealed with a kiss”, and “Seems like he was… opened up for inspection.”  Come on, guys, cheesy humor is nothing to be ashamed of – this isn’t The Wire, and you don’t have to be serious all the time.

The Quotable:

  • “Do you think it might have been personal?” “It usually is, Mr. Wolfe.  It usually is.”
  • “Some of them mentioned he was delivering more than just packages.”
  • “That was before my girlfriend civilized me.”
  • “Anybody who’s on that list… is in danger.”
  • “She’s shipping a whole lot more than dolls.”
  • “I gave you two warnings, didn’t I?”
  • “What took you so long?” “Traffic on the causeway, Frank.”
  • “Well welcome to the dollhouse.”
  • “Horatio, who’s their inside man?” “I… am going to go talk with him.”
  • “Do we have an ear database?”


An entertaining, twist-filled episode with some memorable scenes and interesting character development, this is a must-watch installment of CSI: Miami.

Rating: 9/10

New episodes air every Sunday on CBS at 10 pm!

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