Hey, gang, ready for some super-vague news about the world’s biggest action star-turned California governor-turned maybe actor again?  Ok, here goes: Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to be involved with an upcoming international TV show.  Wait for it, wait for it…

Actually, that’s all we’ve got.

The Hollywood Reporter has it that Ah-nuld will announce the details of the project, “which is being kept under wraps,” at this year’s MIPTV in Cannes on April 4th at a press conference “at the Riviera-side Majestic Hotel.”

“Reps for the former California Governor — who recently announced he planned a return to movies — said only that Schwarzenegger was involved in an ‘international TV series.’”

As for the big questions—will there be punching involved in the show?  Will there be copious clunky one-liners of the “Come on, Cohaagen, you got what you want! Give these people air!” and “I eat green berets for breakfast and right now, I’m very hungry!” and “GET TO THE CHOPPA!” variety? And, most importantly, was it really a toomah?—well, there are no answers as of yet.  So far, only one thing remains certain—when you are doing a news post about Arnold Schwarzenegger, you really come to realize how hard it is to repeatedly spell his last name.

What do you think of the Schwarzenegger TV news?