Remember “Everybody Loves Raymond”? The show that apparently everyone watched, and yet I don’t know a single soul who has watched it? Well it’s been one of the most popular sitcoms ever that took a small idea and appealed to the masses. It’s sweet, charming, has a lot of slapstick comedy and overall was loved by a generation (or so I’ve read). Many of us hear about TV shows being remade for over seas, but rarely to we get to see the entire process of what that takes.

Samuel Goldwyn Films are releasing Exporting Raymond, a film that shows exactly that, Phil Rosenthal, the creator and executive producer of the hit TV series going over to Russia to try and make the Russian version of the very American TV sitcom into “Everybody Loves Kostya”. The film will mark the directoral debut for Phil Rosenthal as we watch him on his fascinating trip through the mother country.

Check out the trailer for the film below:

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Maybe it’s because I’m interested in how things get made and why people think certain ideas will work but this looks like a great film. There is plenty of drama and comedy in making a project come to life and Phil seems to be the perfect man to capture all of that! The only thing I could critic is that this may be a bit of an insider look in which Hollywood finds itself funny, but the fact that they say “you don’t even have to know the show to watch the movie” is a great sign that they understand what they’re making and hopefully this will appeal to all kinds of audiences, not just all those producers out there who have had disastrous projects.

Exporting Raymond opening in theaters Friday, April 29th