Empire has unleashed two international Thor Posters! By Crom! (Well, maybe not Crom.. Odin seems better). Chris Hemsworth’s Thor was given the standalone treatment in America for its May 6 release date, but these help sell the cast, and remind people both by the text and by design that this is from the studio who brought you Iron Man. Take a look…

The film’s five main stars from this are Hemsworth (obviously), Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston. Stellan Skarsgård and Kat Dennings’ earthbound characters are left off, as are Ray Stevenson and Rene Russo’s Asgard-based characters.

Thor has a great release date – the one that helped launch Iron Man - but because of the fantasy elements, it’s not a slam dunk. Such is likely why Marvel went to the effort of post-converting the film into 3-D. Audiences have been responding to comic book films, but the M.O. left by the huge success of The Dark Knight was to go more realistic and darker, or at least that seems to be the way of these stories.

With Kenneth Branagh at the helm, I’m a little worried about the film. Sure, Marvel likely had all the big action beats hammered out beforehand, but his best film is still his first (Henry V), and word around the campfire has been that the most exciting comic book movie of the summer is Captain America. But Thor and its cast of characters is also important to the world of The Avengers, so the film has to at least get some traction.

The film has a release date to its advantage, and good will, even if Iron Man 2 is now considered a disappointment. With Branagh and Joe Johnston attached this summer, it seemed that Marvel was moving away from more spirited directors, though with Joss Whedon and Shane Black now directing their next pictures, it seems they want good writers.

Are you excited for Thor?