Well here’s a blast from the past to make you all realize how old we’ve all become—US Weekly has it that the cast of the classic ‘80s film Stand By Me reunited on Thursday night with director Rob Reiner.

It’s a reunion to remind us all of those halcyon days when things still made since, damn it—Jerry O’Connell was still fat and hadn’t stolen Rebecca Romijn-Stamos-O’Connell-Rodham-Clinton from us (she could be mine, I swear it!), and Corey Feldmen was still, well, cool (there was a time when he was, I swear it, too!).

US Weekly reports:

“The occasion: The 25th anniversary (with accompanying DVD/Blue-Ray release) of the coming-of-age 50s-era 1986 classic. (Director Rob Reiner and narrator Richard Dreyfuss were also on hand for the look back.)… O’Connell, now 37, Feldman, now 39, and Wheaton, now 37, played pals barely in their teens on the hunt for a dead body, based on a story written by Stephen King.”

Sadly, the film’s brightest star, River Phoenix, died of a drug overdose in 1993 at the age of 23, leaving a sadly noticeable hole in the reunion, which took place at the Falcon Theater in Toluca Lake, California.  But, good news, Corey Feldman has a band now called the Truth Movement, so we should be able to get some darkly sarcastic mileage that in the near future, so all is not lost!

What is your favorite memory or scene from Stand By Me?