A lot of news can fall through the cracks during a week… and we’re here at ScreenCrave with a helpful news roundup to vacuum it all up and then empty it all the news bits out onto your lap.  And if you think that metaphor was weird/ disturbing, just check out the next one after the jump, it’s even more horrifically odd.

I’m kidding.  I just wanted you to open up this post.  Me: 1.  You: 0.  Advantage, mine!  (I’m really sorry, it’s early and there’s been a lot of Red Bull this morning.  Forgive me).  Dig the news below:

  • Ain’t It Cool News has taken some time out from their incredibly awesome movie geekery to post a massive amount of links for organizations helping with the post-earthquake/ tsunami situation in Japan.  Do a good thing and check them out, and then do an even better thing by donating some money.
  • Unreality Magazine has listed the seven best films of Terry Gilliam.  Part of me wants to trash this list for noting that Monty Python the Holy Grail somehow isn’t funny (are you kidding me!?), but they do reserve very high placement for criminally underrated 12 Monkeys, so I’m torn.  Curse you, internet, and your bevy of highly debatable and ultimately meaningless lists!  Curse you!
  • StyleCrave noted that yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, a day when people traditionally wear green.  They also happened upon the coincidental fact that Eva Green’s last name is—gasp!—Green!  And thus, an excuse for a photo post of a super-hot actress was born.
  • Dimewars has it that Robert De Niro is set to take a break from films that utterly destroy his legacy in order to testify in a case against Leigh Morse, who allegedly illegally sold artwork by De Niro’s father.

Did we miss anything?  Let us know!