We’re now less than a month away from Wes Craven‘s Scream 4. The long-in-gestation sequel comes out April 15 and we’re now starting to get even more footage from the film, which stars returning Scream trilogy survivors Courtney Cox, Neve Campbell and David Arquette, and fresh blood Emma Roberts, among others . Now we’re getting a TV spot and it’s a fun cut down version of the film’s trailer. Take a look.

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Wes Craven is coming off My Soul to Take - which was post-converted to 3-D to no greater effect and died at the box office – but when it comes to Craven he’s just as likely to follow his best film with his worst, and vice versa. Scream 4 came together partly because there was money to make it – no one was doing this because the story had to be told, but junky sequels to horror movies can be fun regardless of the reasons for its making. And Craven knows how to kill people on screen.

That said, the casting of new actors mid-shoot makes this look a little questionable, and hard to say if the release date (April is considered dumping grounds) is a sign they want less competition or if it’s a dog. We’ll know in a month if they’ve got the goods, but Adam Brody and Anthony Anderson tend to bring the funny even in lesser movies.

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