There are few films that create as much excitement as Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises. The Dark Knight was a phenomenon, and is currently the third highest grossing film of all time, so why not be hyped that Nolan’s ready to finish his trilogy? Gary Oldman says the story is great, Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are confirmed to be in the film and now Variety informs us that it’s a lock that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will reunite with his Inception director. New to the table is Juno Temple, who is rumored for the role of a “street-smart Gotham girl.”

There’s already a lot of fan speculation on who exactly Gordon-Levitt is playing, but Nolan likes his secrecy and the last time around the producers of The Dark Knight ran a misinformation campaign, spreading stories that weren’t entirely true. Until it’s announced officially, everything is just guesswork, including theories of The League of Shadows.With Bane and Catwoman in the mix it’s hard to say where Gordon-Levitt fits in the film.

Juno Temple has quickly built a career for herself, though it helps that she is easy on the eyes (though to be fair, few humans are all that hard on eyes to begin with). But between films like the recent Kaboom and Greenberg she’s at least picking interesting projects. Doing a Batman film would be the bigger coup for her than vice versa, as Year One was only two years ago and her career is in its infancy.

The film starts shooting this summer, which means we’re going to hear more news trickling in about the final cast – including whether or not Marion Cotillard is in the film. After Nolan’s last two films, it’s nice to see that he’s building a stable of actors, but also after those two successes it’s likely that everyone in Hollywood wants to work with him.

Who do you think Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play ?