Wonder Woman” is being rebooted by David E. Kelley, and will star Adrianne Palicki as the titular hero and her alter ego Diana Prince. Fans have been curious what to make of the project, as the script has been called lesser. Though casting news has upped anticipation with Cary Elwes and Elizabeth Hurley joining the project, the show still has a question mark attached. And now there’s a preview of Wonder Woman’s costume. Take a look…

First impressions: Shiny. Booby. Colorful.

Bringing the character into the 21st century is going to be difficult, and it is unknown how well Wonder Woman will do interacting with the real world. It’d be great to see her – say – battling the crack dens of “The Wire’s” Baltimore. This costume pic suggests a less serious approach across the board.

Growing up on the show, the Lynda Carter-starring version was like “Charlie’s Angels” minus two, and the action seemed as important as Carter’s costume. This picture definitely plays up the fetishism that comes with wearing a costume, but as a new approach Palicki looks better costumed for comic-con than crime fighting. Having not read the script, I can’t comment on the tone of the show, but this seems to say a lot. Maybe it’s all going to be a goof, which isn’t in line with the modern thinking on comic book shows and movies.

Would you let Palicki’s Wonder Woman tie you up with her lasso of truth?