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After last weekends solid #1 opening, Battle: Los Angeles will fight to keep to win the box office this weekend as it see’s competition from Seth Rogen’s Paul, the Bradley Cooper Thriller Limitless, and the Matthew McConaughey adult-thriller The Lincoln Lawyer. In all, it should be fun a weekend at the box office. And now for our predictions…

#1: Battle: Los Angeles

After a better then expected opening weekend, Battle: Los Angeles hopes to claim the throne once again this weekend. There will be some tough competition as Battle: Los Angeles will be competing with not one, but two adult thrillers – Limitless and The Lincoln Lawyer . However, Battle has been holding up somewhat well during the weekday and should be able to hold on to the #1 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $16-17 Opening Weekend

#2 Limitless

Bradley Cooper looks to solidify his status as the next A-List leading man this weekend along side co-star Robert De Niro in the adult action thriller Limitless. Break out status for Limitless seems unlikely as poor reviews, a generic title will certainly hinder it’s opening weekend gross. However, the combination of De Niro/Cooper should be enough to lift the film to a modest opening weekend and land at the # 2 spot.

Our Prediction:$14M Opening Weekend

# 3 The Lincoln Lawyer

After years of playing it safe in romantic comedies, Matthew McConaughey returns to the genre that helped propel him to movie star status with the film A Time Kill with his new release The Lincoln Lawyer. Better than expected reviews, a strong marketing campaign, and star Ryan Phillpe should help land Lincoln Lawyer at the #2 spot.

Our Prediction: $13M Opening Weekend

#4 Rango

Rango has become the hit childrens film of winter and this weekend should be no different as Rango should continue it’s streak of solid weekend-weekend grosses/holds. Look for The Johnny Depp voiced hit to stay strong and inch it’s way closer a $100m.

Our Prediction; $12 Weekend Box office

#5 Paul

Just two months after The Green Hornet Seth Rogen returns to the big screen in sci-fi comedy Paul.  Rogen has certainly had his share of strong opening weekend box office grosses from Knocked Up to Pinnaple Express. However, Paul is not your typical Judd Apatow main stream comedy fair and it’s opening weekend box office will certainly suffer due to this. The films only saving grace is the hardcore following of the films other star ;Simon Pegg. Solid reviews, and a somewhat strong marketing campaign should prevent Paul from becoming a total box office dud. Look for Paul to open in the #5 slot and fall rapidly in the coming weeks.

The Rest Of The Top Ten

#6 The Adjustment Buraeu

Our Prediction: $7M Weekend Box Office

# 7 Red Riding Hood

Our Prediction: $6M Weekend Box Office

# 8 Hall Pass

Our Prediction: 3M Weekend Box Office

#9 Just Go With It

Our Prediction: 3M Weekend Box Office

#10 Beastly

Our Prediction: $2.5M Weekend Box Office