In case you somehow missed it, here at ScreenCrave, we’re fans of film, just like you.  And, probably just like you, we’re also fans of extremely tenuous and barely-there reasons to drink ourselves stupid like Nic Cage in Leaving Las Vegas (minus that whole suicide and hooker with the heart of gold thing), or like Leslie Mann in the 40 Year Old Virgin (minus the… actually, no, that’s pretty much how it is for us, really).

But today is St. Patrick’s Day, and if ever there was a tenuous and barely-there reason to drink yourself stupid for no other motive besides the fact that all of the same friends who normally call you an alcoholic will be too drunk to notice your fourth Jack and Coke, it is St. Patrick’s Day.  So, fans of film and fans of beer, let us enjoy the merging of both, and sit back, relax, and take in this lovely compilation film about the pleasures of responsible drinking.

Also, you might want to call a cab tonight, or maybe score a designated driver before you head out for the evening.  Did you know that cops totally bust you on having an open bottle of vodka wedged between your stick-shift and driver’s seat?  (I know, I know, the judge totally gave me the same look at the hearing this morning—but I figured if it worked for Lohan, it’d work for me.  Oh well, always a bridesmaid, never a bride).