With at least one franchise under his belt (Transformers) that shows no signs of stopping, Shia LaBeouf is doing what all smart actors do: collecting interesting projects. His most recent addition is Joe Hill’s best selling novel Horns, according to Variety. The premise that a year after his girlfriend was slaughtered he wakes up to find that he has both horns and superpowers. And screenplay is being worked on by Keith Bunin, who’s one of the writers on “In Treatment.”

Though LaBeouf is no Guilermo del Toro or David Fincher in terms of being attached to dozens of projects at the same time, La Beouf is attached to at least five titles currently. This list includes an upcoming Oliver Stone film called Pinkville and a John Grisham adaptation to be headed up by Tony Scott. And this may be the new way of the industry. With scheduling conflicts and unpredictable money issues, so many projets fall by the wayside that many writers and directors get stuck for years on a project that ends up going nowhere.

Still, LaBeouf has been in three films that have grossed over $300 Million domestically (the two Transformers and the fourth Indiana Jones film), while Disturbia and Eagle Eye were viewed as successful, and the new Transformers should also make a mint. It’s hard to say if he had any impact on the gross of Wall Street 2, but La Beouf is at the point where he is trying to be smart about his career. Feeding the Transformers machine keeps everything going, so as long as he’s got that, it should give him some freedom. The question is if audiences will follow.

Do you think Shia La Beouf is a movie star, or just the star of Transformers?