Hollywood stars can make millions of dollars a year between films and commercials. Some make money tweeting or hosting parties. It’s good to see when they put that money to good use, and so it’s worth noting that Sandra Bullock gave one million dollars to the American Red Cross to help Japanese earthquake and Tsunami victims. So far, Bullock has offered the largest amount of any celebrity.

Knowing Hollywood, there will also be a telethon of some sort in the near future. There is little to say about the 9.0 earthquake and the aftereffects other than it’s such a tragedy that words do little justice to its enormity. For those looking to donate, the Red Cross has a website.

There are numerous organizations looking to help – though in light of some of the schemes that have come out of great tragedies, it’s always best to go with names and places you know and trust. And on the internet, always make sure that it’s an authentic connection to the relief fund, linked from an official website.

But for those who are struggling with their own finances it’s always good to see someone who has more expendable income than the average person doing what they can to help. The cynical may view this as some sort of public relations stunt – regardless, Bullock did the right thing and in situations like this that’s all that matters.

Have you donated yet?