Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite on the big screen this weekend for their new comedy Paul. Like they’re previous works, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, which poked fun at the horror and action genre, Paul places the focus on science fiction. It’s a comedic take on what would happen if you mixed the movie Alien with Fanboys. Check out our review…

The Players:

The Plot:

Clive and Graeme are two sci-fi enthusiasts who travel from the U.K. to the U.S. to attend San Diego Comic-Con. After the convention wraps they take a road trip across the Southwest, where they visit several famous UFO landmarks including Area 51. During one of their stops they meet Paul, an alien who’s on the run from the government. He enlists the help of Clive and Graeme, who dodge FBI agents, red necks, and Bible thumpers to get him where he needs to be.

The Good:

  • Simon Pegg/Nick Frost: The chemistry between these two is undeniable. They’re naturally funny apart, so when they’re together comedy ensues. If you’re a fan of their previous collaborations, you won’t be disappointed with their performances in Paul.
  • Paul: Paul is a pleasant surprise. At first glance, he comes across as a rude, slimy, untrustworthy creature but he’s actually a heartwarming character that you learn to love as the movie progresses.
  • The Big Guy: Sigourney Weaver plays the main villain, who’s affectionately called The Big Guy. Her casting in this role is pure genius considering her longstanding battle with aliens for the majority of her career. There’s only a choice few actresses who can pull off masculine characters believably and she’s one of them!

The Bad:

  • Throwaway Characters: There are more than a few oddballs who interfere with Paul, Clive, and Graeme’s journey including a couple of agents in training, some hillbillies, and a religious zealot. All of them are one dimensional characters who serve no purpose to the story. They could have scrapped them and given more screen time to those who mattered.
  • Agent Zoil: I love Jason Bateman, therefore it hurts me to say this: Agent Zoil dropped the ball. The majority of the film, Zoil is the straight man against all the other goofball characters, a role that Bateman is used to pulling off (Arrested Development anyone?) but his character wasn’t fun, witty, or interesting. Anyone could have played Zoil. It didn’t have to be Bateman. His talent was wasted here.


Paul is a road trip movie that pokes fun at the sci-fi genre and the fan boy culture. It’s campy and comedic fun.

Rating: 7.5/10

Paul opens in theaters everywhere on March 11th.

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Will you be seeing Paul this weekend?