Today in “Jesus, what happened to Martin Riggs, man?” news (to paraphrase Kevin Smith), Mel Gibson turned himself in to police—while his new film, The Beaver, was premiering at SXSW—at the at El Segundo Police Department “as part of his sentence for the misdemeanor battery case resulting from an alleged January 2010 incident with his then-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva,” according to Access Hollywood.

Gibson was quickly booked and then released after having previously pleading no contest to a ‘misdemeanor battery on a spouse or cohabitant.’  Because of this, the actor turned director has been sentenced to a year-long domestic violence program, and has, essentially eroded away any of the last bits of public goodwill for him that hadn’t been totally erased by the whole, you know, Sugartits-Gate (I would like to thank him, however, for providing me with the opportunity to write the words Sugartits-Gate—what can I say, it’s been a lifelong dream, now fulfilled).

Sadly, it’s enough to make you long for some Charlie Sheen news—at least when Chuck flames out, it’s almost humorous in a “holy hell, did he just say ‘tiger blood?’  He did, didn’t he?” kind of way.  And that’s what is truly unforgivable—having to long for Charlie Sheen news is price that no society, even at its most vulgar and base, should ever be forced to pay.

What do you think of the Gibson news?